Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear The Internet: I Win!

Look, see? I also donated some money and have a halo because of it. Oh, and I have a winner's badge thinger over on the right, too. Hopefully I can get that back in sales, if the CreateSpace deal is still going.

So yeah, I'm still not done writing, I just crossed the finish line. But I will post what I have when I finish this last un-deleted scene, and then it's time to arrange all the parts together for publishing. I want my hardcopy before Christmas!

More later, as I finish this last vignette.

EDIT: Finished! Final wordcount is 50,475. Moved this bit so it's "after" the last un-deleted scene (which should appear right below this, if I've done my math right). Hooray! Enjoy!


Michael said...

Congrats! So is finishing this spurring you on to other unNanowrimo writing projects?

Zach L said...

oh look! me too :)

D said...

Congratulations, Zach! Now to publishing!

Michael, that depends largely on how things go in the next couple of weeks. But by and large, yes, I shall be getting back to the Serious Business of the internet educationery I've got going on here.