Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Quantum Mechanic: Un-Deleted Scene Four

UN-DELETED SCENE 4: The Entropic Engineer loses himself.

It is the Entropic Engineer's turn to be speechless. He has no idea where anything has gone, no clue what has happened. One second, Sol and her planets were dancing in their cycles; and then it all disappeared.

But he can still feel his body on Earth, he is still exactly where he thought he was. He looks around on Earth, but can't tell much. Shielding his true mind from the Quantum Mechanic's prying eyes, he presents expected brain noise all around while twisting his true brain in upon itself. In almost the same way, his nemesis has scrambled spacetime around the solar system, making it nearly impossible for him to orient himself galactically from within the bubble.

Have they fled to a pocket dimension?

He banishes the thought as foolishness. The Entropic Engineer doesn't understand much about the tiny, curled up, "extra" dimensions of reality - but he does know that they're tiny and curled up. There's just not enough room to hide, and expanding them could be problematic, to put it mildly.

So where did they go, then? His glorified body is still right where it always was, still in the same space relative to the rest of the galaxy, but his fallen body is Elsewhere, now. He risks a tug at the tether that ties the two together, the mental leash from which he directs his angelic form and the Heavenly Host. It is far, to say the least, like a light at the end of a tunnel so far you can't see, but you still know it's there. It's a lot like faith.

He must have faith. He must stay strong. He must find a way.

He prays for guidance. He calms himself, leaves himself open to providence. Whenever God shuts a door, he opens a window, and now all the Entropic Engineer has to do is figure out just where that window is. Show me the way, Lord. The tether grows tighter. He can feel it, he's got a direction now, and not just a generic "far, far away."

The Heavenly Host stands motionless. They shall be his rock, his anchor. He notes a few stars as landmarks in the general direction from which he feels the pull of his Earthly vessel. He leaves them for another area, another arm of the galaxy. Again, he quiets his thoughts, lets the Lord do his own work, allows divinity to show him the way. Fuzzy at first, but clearer by the moment, he feels the line pull taut and he has another direction - no, wait.

It's the same direction.

He puts his awareness back with Heaven's army, compares his first stars with the second set. Not exactly the same direction, but very, very similar. Earth is no longer in the Milky Way. What is out there? Andromeda. Of course. The Quantum Mechanic has bought himself a few days, at most. Soon, he and his fallen world shall burn in righteous fire, but for now he must march with the angels.

The Entropic Engineer follows his tether, pulling the Heavenly Host along with him. He cannot simply re-create himself back on Earth, will not manufacture another army from nothing, as that rutting sinner is wont to do. He shall follow the rules, he shall keep himself pure in the eyes of the Lord, and he shall be rewarded for his efforts with victory here and life everlasting in the hereafter. Heaven is so close, he can almost taste it!

But as the Entropic Engineer zeroes in on Andromeda, something is seriously wrong. He stops with his entourage a few dozen parsecs out from the rim, backs out a bit. The tether goes squiffy. He calms himself again with prayer, but to no avail - he can feel it clearly, he realizes, but it keeps shifting every which-way. That bastard! From inside the bubble, he feels the tether running every which-way, too. Spacetime is being blended by the Quantum Mechanic, and though it cannot sever the bond between the Entropic Engineer's Earthly and Heavenly forms, it makes it impossible for him to get a bead on himself.

He is lost.

No matter. If hunt he must, then hunt he shall. The Lord spent forty days wandering; surely it is not too much to ask of him to show similar patience.


Ebonmuse said...

Very nice. I approve!

If you're still looking for ways to expand the story, there's one more thing I'm curious about: What happened to the people "raptured" to the Entropic Engineer's fake heaven? Are the good guys going to try to track them down?

D said...

The Entropic Engineer murdered every single one of them, just like Rayford and Pleasance. All have sinned, and fall short of the Kingdom of God, or whatever. He's trying to uphold the will of the Lord & shit, but nobody can be perfect, so they all get kicked out and obliterated.

Man... now I do wanna go back and make that more explicit... I'm starting to enjoy this too much. It feels like giddy revenge on all the Bible-themed comics and video games from that phase of my life.

Thanks for the comment!

Ebonmuse said...

Ah, I see. I got that the EE was kicking people out left and right, but I wasn't sure if anyone had made the grade - or if the people he did kick out were obliterated from existence altogether, or if they were consigned to some sort of ersatz hell. That sounds like the sort of thing that would be his style.

If this isn't part of your story, that's fine. I brought this up because I thought it might hold interesting possibilities. :) Imagine the Quantum Mechanic in the role of reluctant prophet, visiting the lonely handful of people in the Entropic Engineer's leftover heaven, trying to convince them of the truth of what happened while they insist he must be some sort of devil trying to trick them into giving up their faith. Even though he can literally do anything, produce any evidence, can he convince them by doing anything short of forcibly changing the structure of their brains? Would these people even want to be rescued, or would it be better to leave them to their delusion?

D said...

Hmm... you've set the wheels in my head a-turning once more!

The EE could just be doping people up and throwing them into ever-accelerating orbits around black holes, a relative eternity of suffering. But when the QM shows up, would there be - could there be - anything to save?