Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Schedule and stuff!

Hi, the internet! D here. I'm really, really involved in The Quantum Mechanic. I've got some 12,600 words already, and that's, like, almost thirteen-thousand! Q10 tells me that it's 57 pages, so I'm going to be posting one chapter every twelve hours, at 12:01 AM and 11:59 AM each day. I also want to keep up the non-novel parts of this blog, as I said earlier, so I'm going to put up non-novel posts every Tuesday and Friday. As for you, you do what you like, OK?

Wait, not that. Or the thing with the pumpkin and the octopus, that's just dangerous.

The NaNoWriMo site is slow as shit right now, so I gotta wait to get a validated word count & stuff (EDIT: All better!). Anyway, questions, comments, suggestions, and corrections are all welcomed! Whatever you say will help me make a better product, so that's what I wanna hear!

Peace out, the internet. Hope to see you back here at one past midnight for chapter three!


Zach L said...

if you want to use wc (wordcount, the unix tool that nanowrimo.org calls to do word counts) you can download a windows version here: http://unxutils.sourceforge.net/

D said...

Hey, thanks for the tip! And don't forget to tell me as soon as you put pen to paper. I need to judge you. And then approve. But first, the judging.

Cathy S said...

So how many chapters are you planning to type?

D said...

As many as it takes to get to the 50K mark. I have, like, a million and ten ideas; it's just a matter of how many vignettes I can write down before the 30th. I suppose it can't be more than sixty, on this schedule. I'm just blazing through right now, though, so I wanted to get something of an organized release timeline.

Oh, midnight update: 13,800-some-odd words across five chapters (and a prologue). My typistry is hawt. I'm sacking out for the night.