Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let's Play Dress-Up! Halloween '09 (part two)

We left off last time when I wasn't even like half done. Turns out, things like spray paint and papier mache take the Hell-ass long to dry. Anyway, I got it done and it turned out acceptable, so here's the wrap-up!

The next step was to assemble the blade/tape-frame thing and fasten everything in place with finishing nails. With enough duct tape, cardboard, styrofoam, and finishing nails, you can make pretty much any prop. Look, see:
The above was taken after laying the first two layers of papier mache (with newspaper), which ended up including the smaller blade because the bare cardboard looked even more like crap than the main blade, and now it just looks less like crap. This is what I get for giving myself one week instead of, say, three; lesson learned. Anyway, after spraypainting the smaller blade silver, I used toilet paper to papier mache over the whole non-sharp part, then I used Plasti-Dip (rubberizer) to smooth out the transition from arm to blade. I am very happy with how the texture came out:
I think that's a very good approximation of the kind of thing I was going for:
The tendrils also turned out rather acceptable:
And here's what the whole thing looks like on top of a laser printer:
We had a costume party at the office on Friday, and I got someone to take a couple pictures on my cell phone, but they mostly turned out awful. This is one I took myself, and I think it's OK:
I had to do a bit of 'shopping (here's the original), as you can probably tell, but with the scratchy face, the bloodied frame, and the slight discoloration, I think that's more or less in keeping with the game's aesthetic. Good enough for me, anyway. And, of course, for anyone who doesn't know what this is all about, here's the intro video:
Happy Halloween, y'all! Time for me to start writing The Quantum Mechanic. Wish me luck!

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