Saturday, January 3, 2009

Introduction II: this time, it's personal!

I thought I'd take some time to rattle off the general personal stuff that typically goes in the "about" section but which I don't have space for in that little box.

What are you doing here?  Anything and everything I feel like.  This is my soapbox.  This is my lectern.  This is my podium.  This is my mic.  I'll probably talk about a lot of stuff with a philosophical bent, but I may geek out over tech news from time to time, or lambast religious insanity (or applaud religious sanity, for that matter), or talk about books that I'm reading, or just talk about everyday news news.  I will rarely talk about my personal life, except when it serves as a segue into a broader philosophical point.

What kind of stuff will be discussed here?  As the description indicates, I'll be writing lots about philosophy (but trying to keep a practical angle in mind), I'll put up science-y stuff from time to time (but translated into everyday English), and I'll occasionally write out a short essay on some speculative matter or other (but only when I think it would be interesting to other people).  Every November, there's a small but non-zero probability that I will participate in National Novel Writing Month.  I will also have some ongoing series, such as "Call Ripley," for improbable developments; "Poison for Your Brain," for stupidities of epic proportions; "101 Interesting Things," for encouraging lifelong learning; and maybe a few others.  We'll see how it goes!

Why should I care?  The key to maintaining an audience is consistent content, and I'm going to post at least one interesting thing here three or four times a week.  I want each and every one of those interesting things to be readily accessible, to lend itself easily to a more thorough analysis, and to be interesting enough to provoke additional thought in the reader.  If you like interdisciplinary studies, or if you find a breadth of topics to be refreshing, or if you think being an intellectual tourist isn't necessarily a bad thing, this will probably be a good place for you to bookmark/RSS/subscribe/whatever.  In short:  I'm an applied general philosopher - if that sounds interesting to you, I think we'll have lots to talk about!

Why like this?  On previous Playskool blogs of mine, I would often link to grown-up blogs and talk about whatever they talked about... but I'm trying to move past that.  I kept wanting to do what they did, but I never just went and did it.  Here on my very own grown-up blog, I'm going to do that thing.  I may still comment on other blogs from time to time, but only if I disagree or think that something huge has been missed (no "mere pointing," except for the occasional one-time referral to an interesting site).  Mainly, I want to get away from the "journal-ish" sort of blog and closer to the "journalism-ish" sort of blog.  More precisely, I'd like this place to be a modern version of my hero Socrates talking to people in the street - no, I don't think I'm nearly as important as Socrates, but that's the kind of thing I want to go on here.

Why are you doing this now?  Oh, that one's easy!  I couldn't take not doing it any more.

Why "She Who Chatters?"  My father once gave to me a silver ring with an engraving of a kachina on it.  He couldn't remember the name, but he said to me, "This kachina is the storyteller - the verbose one - the long-winded one - do you get the picture?"  [stage_whisper]YEAH, I TALK A LOT![/stage_whisper]  The first time I ever looked up the name Deirdre, it returned "she who chatters."  I have a blog where I can say whatever I want, and I plan to say a lot.  Somehow, it seemed appropriate - but I didn't write down my work, and I may have forgotten to carry the one, so maybe you should do the math instead.

Is there anything you forgot to put up here?  I don't know, you tell me!  Hoo-ha!

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