Sunday, November 15, 2009

D's Sunday To-Do List

  1. Write Chapter 13 and put it up.
  2. Write a little ret-con vignette for earlier.
  3. Write Chapter 14 for noon tomorrow.
  4. Do laundry!
  5. Then, if that's all done, you can play Dragon Age for a little bit.
  6. EDIT: Oh! I forgot about walking with the Other. But I just did that - now I'm starting again at step 1.


Cathy S said...

I don't get the last point...

D said...

I've been arguing on the internet with some theists. I reached an agreement to not use an insult as a description for such activities, so now I use what I think is a more constructive one.

Chapter 13 is up now, by the way.