Monday, November 9, 2009

Yet more sundries and miscellanies!

My triumphant return sees me once again ahead of the curve! Hoo-ha! Also, my very good friend Zach L is writing his own novel: he has not one, not two, but three chapters up, and is pretty close to catching up to pace after something of a late start. I've read his shit and it's fantastic, so go and encourage him to finish so he can earn the right to play Dragon Age: Origins all December long!

Also, a quick to-do list for me to remember: get rid of Riley Williams, or give him something to distinguish his vignette from that of the President or Ben Gleck; more superheroism against mundane villains (this will require retconning, sadly...); and get some ideas! Yes, ideas! Like, from YOU! Wanna see something? Gimme a shout-out, I'll make it as goddamned interesting as I can, if I like it!

Seriously, I can just shove chapters in wherever I need to. I just need interesting problems for Douglas to solve. I also wanted Randall James to be more of a mentor to him, and to involve SkepCo more in the story as well... but now I have no idea how. I guess I can make chapters two-and-a-half, three-and-a-half, and so forth, after I get the main plot wrapped up.

Also, I'm only promising one chapter a day from here on in, each at 11:59 in the morning. I'll probably have more on several days, but two a day is a bit much (even for me!), especially when I want to write other things, too.

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