Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quickies Before Work

  • Chariots of Iron: These guys are awesome, and you know from the title that God can't beat 'em! My favorite line: "If you really think the Earth is only six thousand years old, you shouldn't be able to get a driver's license, let alone run a country." (#33)
  • Dan Savage lets drunks do his job for a day! It's cooler than it sounds, I promise.
  • District 9 is awesome and everybody needs to see it. It's got everything in it (action, drama, social commentary, political allegory, you name it), and it's all done well.
  • Here's a bottomless pit of stupid fun: Motivated Photos. Check them out.
  • I quit cigarettes today. Mainly 'cuz I'm out and don't want to keep buying them. But I want to socially pressure myself into actually quitting and not just stopping temporarily, hence the announcement.


Silver Garou said...

You've claimed you were going to quit before and went back, which is a puzzling scenario for someone who claims not to be addicted.

How serious ought I really take this new resolve to quit?

D said...

Gosh, you're right - I mean, I failed at this in the past, so there's no way I can succeed now, right? If only I had some kind of way to successively approximate victory - if only I could learn from past experiences!

All kidding aside, yeah, I'm addicted. I accept that now (and have since my last failed attempt some odd months ago). That's actually part of the reason I want to quit - part two of three is that the addiction is still getting worse (I was up to half a pack a day). Part three is for face-to-face conversations only. In the past, except for my last failed attempt, I have only ever wanted to stop smoking temporarily, not to quit entirely. And it was always for temporary reasons: either a dip in finances, or because I was stopping "for" a partner. The last time, when I tried to actually quit, I was curious to find out if I was addicted. Answer: very yes.

As for how seriously you ought to take it, I'm not sure what you're questioning. Is it my desire to quit, my ability to do so, my honesty in announcing my intentions, the possibility of ulterior motives, or what? I mean, I hope you understand that I'm confused at your asking me how seriously I ought to be taken here. I'm pretty sure that almost everyone who quits requires several attempts to do so, anyhow, so failure shouldn't be at all surprising.

At any rate, yesterday was worse than today has been, and I've got a whole three-day weekend to explore XNA and not think about cigarettes, so we'll see how it goes.

Silver Garou said...

"As for how seriously you ought to take it, I'm not sure what you're questioning."

I was questioning your desire to quit. As I have said you claimed that you were going to quit before, however, I believe, within a few days you were smoking again without any explanation as if you had never resolved to quit in the first place.

I wish you luck in your renewed resolve to quit, I just wanted to know if you were serious this time.

D said...

Ah, now I understand. Yes, I do now want to quit. Last time, I was low on money (or something similarly temporary) and then wanted to see if I could just quit, or if I was addicted. So I tried, but it was hard at first (/whine), so I decided to stop trying and admit addiction to myself and just be OK with doing what I liked, since I didn't want to quit anyway. And thanks for the well-wishing!