Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bride of the Quickies Before Work

Remember, kids: lists are cool!
  • The Chariots of Iron guys talk a lot about Direct Relief International, pimping for it as the most efficient charity they've ever heard of. From the Wikipedia page: "Direct Relief International is one of two charities ranked by Forbes that has received a perfect fundraising efficiency score for five consecutive years and is ranked by the Chronicle of Philanthropy as California’s largest international nonprofit organization based on private support." That says it all, to me. I would add them to Ebonmuse's excellent short-list of charities most worthy of donation. Remember these guys as the holidays approach - I know that I will.
  • Due to popular demand (I have popular demand?!), I will be posting my deconversion from Objectivism. Saturday.
  • Norman Borlaug died like two weeks ago, and I totally missed it (I feel like such a shit!). If you don't know who he is, get thee to an educationery!
  • Tomorrow (9/30/2009) is International Blaspemy Day! I'm excited! Are you excited? Get excited! And do some blasphemy!
  • Bill Maher is on heroic probation. I know that the status of just who is and is not my hero is probably not news, hence the Quickie; but Maher made an excellent movie without so much as telling me that he might be into some kookery (at least Ben Stein has started wearing his crazy on his sleeve). I have yet to fact-check, but you can see for yourself in the meantime: Orac (of Respectful Insolence) has a handy list of links at the bottom of an informative post.
OK, off I goes.

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