Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poison for Your Brain: Google Feeds the Crazies

Well, OK, maybe not. But today's Google doodle is on crop circles:
This reminds me of a dude who... well... look, I'm ashamed to say I know this guy:

Yeah. I don't like him, he's just been... around at some of the campus stuff I've attended. I see him all the time.

Listen, folks. It's like this: get a sheet of plywood and some rope, carry it vertically out into the field, steam the bases of the plants, and then you can make whatever kind of crop circle you like. They did it for Signs, and creative country bumpkins with too much time on their hands have apparently done it for years before. People even do this for money, apparently.

Bottom line: they don't mean anything. Tool-bag.


Typhinius said...

Oh my god, that is so brilliant. Wow...just wow.

D said...

Wait, what? Which? Who?

I mean, I just don't think I did anything all that special... but everyone else involved here is just being despicable. Well, intellectually despicable, anyway. Is that "sarcawesome" for Mr. Brown?

(BTW, my left shift key will not work with my M key - caps & r-shift work, I just can't make a capital M with l-shift. Do your powers of a computer-mans have any clue as to how this could be, and how I can fix it? Or should I just buy a goddamned USB keyboard already?)

Zach L said...

If you're still using a keyboard with a PS/2 connector, you're using a keyboard from over a decade ago. Go buy something nice!

Typhinius said...

No, I actually meant that it is brilliant...though I'm sure unintentionally. It's one of the funniest things I've seen this side of Legend of Neil. I particularly like how confused he looks all the time.

Ms. Hermit said...

Did anyone else notice that in the first montage of crop circles he has one that is obviously done by some video game geeks (it's an old 8-bit space invader!)?

D said...

Yeah, I totally saw the Space Invader! This guy... man, I don't know. Look, you need to know that this guy is serious, and that's hilarious, but also terrifying in a totally harmless way.