Monday, May 25, 2009

Twexchnology Throwesd a Tewmpwer Tantrum

My kewyboarsd hasd throwen a fit ansd nowe rwefusdwesd to weork propwerly.  No jokwe.  WEhwenwevwer I typwe onew of thwe followeing lwettwersd, thwe ewnsduing xcharaxctwer xcombination isd sdisdplaywesd:
  • Typing "S" or "D" rwesdultsd in "SD"
  • Typing "W" or "E" rwesdultsd in "WE"
  • Typing "X" or "C" rwesdultsd in "XC"
  • Typing "2" or "3" rwesdultsd in "23"
Thisd ids at onxcwe milsdly ewntwertaining (it'sd likwe a xcosdwe, but sdtupisd) ansd wexctrwemwely frusdtrating. I mwean, I can scrupulously delete the extra characters in order to make legible text, but it takwesd forwevwer!  Plusd, thwe "cxosdwe" isdn't too muxch harsdwer to rweasd.

Dammit, thisd weasd kinsd of intwerwesdting, but nowe I rweally havwe to ficx my kweyboarsd.  WEisdh mwe luxck!

EDIT:  Fixed at last!  And I learned a bunch of stuff about how keyboards work, too!  Double-win!


Craig said...

That is probably one of the most hysterical mishaps I've ever seen. Also, it looks cool as hell.

Super Happy Jen said...

Hmmmn do you have a two-year-old? Two-year-olds do strange things to keyboards.

D said...

Ooh, good guess! No, I have no children - my father remarried and had two more kids with his second wife while I was a teenager. It convinced me that chilsdren are not for me. Best. Contraception. Evar!No, I just spilled a glass of water on my keyboard. I thought it was OK, but then the next day, this happens. WTF.