Saturday, February 6, 2010

I should probably say something about this...

Per KarateMonkey's request, I'm making The Quantum Mechanic into an e-book because CreateSpace doesn't do this, and I want people to be able to buy and read my book however they want. But they have a thirty-five page style guide, and I really want to understand the process so I can do all the reformatting intelligently and at one stroke (without paying someone else to do it), but going through all this is enough to drive me to drink.

Oh, who the Hell am I kidding? The fact that it's Saturday drives me to drink!

No, but seriously, I'm doing this e-book thing good an' proper, and then it's on to talk about The Authoritarians. Because that book makes me feel really naive. And I just finished it, so I really wanna talk about it.

Oh, and I also have a very important commitment to killing foreigners on the internet with my brother A tonight. I mean, they're different from us. We can't abide that shit!


KarateMonkey said...

Don't drive yourself too hard on my account. I've got a to be read list as long as my arm, and if you don't get an eBook version put together anytime soon I won't be hurt.

D said...

I don't think you understand, KarateMonkey. In the first place, and this really is the first place, someone who is willing to pay money for my story needs to be accommodated, The End.

In the second place, for every person who speaks up, a hundred people share that opinion. You're one person who said you'd buy an e-book, and that means ninety-nine more people will pay money for my e-book. At an 85% cut (or 80%? I don't remember), that is a target audience I simply cannot afford to ignore.

I'm also a quality consultant in a call center, who regularly reads books on psychology, biology, and physics. I understand at every level that this kind of customer service simply makes sense. Like, really, I want for you to enjoy my product - it's in both of our interests. It's no trouble at all, in the long run; we both win! Hooray! :)

(No, but seriously, there is company over, and Rhodopsin cooked some fucking delicious dinner, and now I'm negotiating a Halo 3 game with my cousin... I mean, these things all demand my immediate attention, but I really want people to get my book however they like it, if they do in fact like it... so it's not that I'm driven, and I also have a long-ass reading list [about half my bookshelves are unread books, such is the life of a bibliophile], I just want to get the word out 'cuz I wrote it to be the kind of book that I would want to read. I could have had this done yesterday, my inner critic says, but I had to go for a run and pay bills and clean house and yadda yadda yadda... excuses, excuses...)

Jack Phillips said...

For the record, I would also really appreciate an e-book version of your book as I'll soon be on an aircraft carrier and have no room for anything but my Kindle.

by the way, I'm home now. It's so nice to be on leave. I can't wait to come see you guys in several days.