Sunday, February 7, 2010

"The Quantum Mechanic" submitted for e-book publishing!

As the link at right indicates, The Quantum Mechanic is soon to be published as an e-book. I took care of all the reformatting this weekend and everything is in order, all that remains is for the good folks over at Smashwords to give it the final go-ahead (I'm #211 in queue as of right now).

EDIT: As of right the Hell-ass now, The Quantum Mechanic is ready for sampling and purchase as an e-book at Smashwords! You can read 55% of it for free on your e-reader to see if you like the new fourth chapter and the way I've integrated the un-deleted scenes. Also, I've verified that it works Stanza on my iPod (I don't have a Kindle, and I can't get the .mobi-wranglin' app to work properly... though I may be doin it rong). While it works, so to speak, there are issues. The acknowledgments aren't displaying properly, and neither does my citation of a Carl Sagan quote in the Foreword. Like, this stuff is there in my source document, something just got bollocksed up in the conversion process. I'm looking into it, but the rest of the free preview (all the way up through the end of "A Little Piece of Heaven") appears to work perfectly.

Of course, if you want to read it now, you still can! The way Smashwords works, once you own a book you can download it infinitely (so you can keep up on any later updates at no additional cost, and they'll be posted here). It's all DRM-free, too. While the book is technically "copyright me," it's copyleft in spirit, which means that while there's no substitute for showing your appreciation in a "rent and groceries" sort of way, I honestly care more about getting my ideas out to people who enjoy them than I care about making money for my hobby. (This is why there are no license notes.)

DOUBLE-EDIT: BWAHAHA! OK, so the second edition is uploaded, converted, and approved! (The same link above still works.) The problem? I have the same problems. The acknowledgments still don't display properly, and neither does the Sagan attribution in the foreword. However, there is an exciting new development! You see, these problems happen if you view the e-book with white text on a black background - but they don't happen if you view the e-book with black text on a white background! What the shit-fuck-tits is going on here?!

No, seriously, if anyone knows what the Hell-ass-balls I can do to fix this, I'm all ears. I'm just pissed and too lazy to look it up right now. I'll continue to look into it once I get some actual fresh content up, but I will be tremendously grateful to anyone who's able to bring a solution (or even a suggestion) to me.


Steve Bowen said...

You know, for a middle aged geezer I'm no luddite. But you can't beat good old paper between the covers when it come to books.
Looking forward to receiving mine.

KarateMonkey said...

Just to throw some more wood on the fire, I loaded the ePub and mobi samples onto my reader to see how they look.

The mobi version lacks a cover, but otherwise seems to be formatted OK. The ePub version has the cover, but seems to have removed all the blank lines, for example the last line of your introduction, the word Prologue, the title of the first chapter, the Feynman quote, and the beginning of the book all appear on successive lines, with no break.

If the folks at smashwords can’t help, and that’s probably who you should try first. I would head over to the mobileRead forums. There are plenty of people in the writer’s corner over there who have experience with smashwords.

D said...

KarateMonkey, thank you very much for your continued feedback, and the tips. This is already a book "from the internet, for the internet, on the internet," and I want to make sure it at least doesn't have any stupid fucking technical problems to get in the reader's way. That would be bad form. :) I'll see what I can do over the weekend.

Steve, I know exactly what you mean - I have more books than my bookcases yes that's plural can hold. Also, there are some very respectable nerds who also agree with you.

Dr Dave said...


Read the book in one day. Beautiful. And the Susan cartoon is a hoot.