Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New stuff! And things, too!

I has a search thinger! Now anyone can search this blog, as well as the sites in the link list below, or any page I've linked to in the past! Not only that, but those are actually three distinct tabs in the search results which pop up in the blog's text column! I'm getting way too excited over this... I mean, that's three exclamation points in a row. OK, calm down, D.

Also, after eight months, if I don't have enough content for a representative sample by now, then I never will. I finally filled in the "Posts I recommend to see if you dig my style" bit in the "First time here?" section at right. I've got, in order, something funny, something thoughtful, something angry, something poppy, something weird, and something druggy. I figure that ought to do it - between all of those posts, I touch on science, philosophy, entertainment, history, research, and poetry.

Also, note to self: do more Poison for Your Brain and Call Ripley! before they get eclipsed by The Cuckoo and the Con-Man and Abusive Cosmology. Or re-prioritize your series. You have no chance to survive make your time!

Anyway, enough about that. Eep! I have to get to work! Have a great day, everybody! (There's another three - I'm still too excited, I guess.)

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