Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quickies Before Work

Got my tablet & stuff in the mail, so now I gotta draw that thing I said I'd draw. Also! I need to finish re-doing the cover for TQM, because that totally didn't happen over solstice vacation. And in the field of Participating in the Internet, PZ Myers is proposing a 2013 meetup in DC - I'm in, and so should you be! Speaking of PZ and Participating in the Internet, The Friendly Atheist has a poll about who is the most godless atheist of 2009. The options are "PZ Myers" and "Everyone else in the Universe combined." I picked PZ, because "everyone else in the Universe combined" includes theists, and there's no cancelling out how much godly idiocy they have (you can't be, like, negatively theistic - theism is already a negative thing! Rimshot!). Anyway, you should vote.

Yes, you.

Right now!

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Jack Phillips said...

I voted the same. Did you read the karen armstrong/sam harris entry on friendly atheist recently? You know, I used to kinda like karen armstrong - she wrote interesting history/sociology books on religion... but then she decided to take on the "new atheists" with the dumbest arguments a kinda smart person could ever make.