Thursday, October 22, 2009

101 Interesting Things, part twenty-nine: RepRap

Rhodopsin told me about RepRap the other day, and now it's hard to think about anything else. RepRap is a contraction of Replicating Rapid-prototyper. Modern CAD machines can already translate 3D cyberspace designs into 3D meatspace objects, and a RepRap is basically a 3D printer that can make its own parts.

Oh, shit yeah.

Check out what it can make! (All images taken from that link.) For starters, RepRap parts, themselves made by a RepRap:
Who needs a new pair of shoes? Not Daddy, he's got a RepRap!
Oh no, my door handle busted! Why go to the store when I can make one in my home:
Dammit, I need an adapter to fit tab A into slot B - but nobody makes one! Except RepRap:
Man, all this sitting around making things from nothing like a god has made me thirsty! Time to get my drink on:
OK, yeah, enough. Look, this is pure awesome. I need one. Who's got half a grand sitting around for me to buy one? I'll mail you the first copy, double-promise! Or, even better, send me your parts!


Zach L said...

wait, seriously, this thing is only $500?


D said...

I don't think it's "only" $500, I'm pretty sure it's just the non-trivial parts that cost $500. Here's the relevant quote:
Today you could buy a commercial 3D printer that does not copy itself for bout US$20,000. The first RepRap machines can't quite make all of their parts - you have to buy a few standard ones to add on, like electronic chips. But together those extra parts cost about US$500. So take them, a couple of kilograms of plastic, and your time - and you have a RepRap machine.

But yeah, still: DO WANT.