Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pile o' Links!

Not sausage links, though.  Or... golf links.  Or even chain links.  But hyperlinks.

Didn't realize a full week had gone by.  I mean, I traveled to the Frigid Northlands for Halloween, so I have kind of an excuse, but not really.  So here are many cool things on the internet (and one icky, terrible, horrifying thing that is neither work-safe nor mind-safe, behind the cut), which will be followed by a few 101 Interesting Things entries that have been bubbling away on my back-burner.

First, the good folks at Mr. Deity have made a nice little PSA.  Here it is for your enjoyment, just in case you both A) read this blog, and B) were going to vote Republican today:
They also made a great Chik-fil-A promo parody, which rocks socks.

I was also linked an interesting article that puts Obama's last four years in a new light (that of his childhood), and while I can't say whether the author is right or wrong (I mean, I don't know the President personally), it was certainly an interesting and new perspective.  And on the other side of the ballot, an interesting perspective on Romney's candidacy, which is pretty much exactly as opposite as you could get.

And just in case you haven't heard, a retired NSA analyst showed beyond any reasonable doubt that the Republicans have been manipulating elections since at least 2006.  And in case statistically impossible regularities don't convince you, here's the guy who wrote the software.

It looks like things are gonna be OK, though, because the weird things that predict US Presidential elections with absurd accuracy are lining up for Obama.  Say it with me, kids:  "correlation is not causation."

Finally, for something entirely non-political:  Singularity Chess!  This guys has actually made a bunch of interesting variants on Chess and Checkers, as well as a bunch of other cool stuff.  Go check it out!  Sometimes it's in French, though, so you can either struggle through Google's translation, or just look at the pictures.

OK.  Last, but not least.  This is neither work-safe nor mind-safe, so it's behind a cut.  But holy carp, this is one of those things that's so horrifying, you just have to tell other people about it.  Well, I do.  I don't know about you.

Still with me?  All right.  Let me just look over my shoulders to make sure we're alone...

So, I mean, I try to go easy on the Jews.  They've had a rough time.  Plus, my brother JD is Jewish, because he converted after our mother told him that her side of the family may go back to a village of secret Jews living in Italy.  Which is possible, I guess.  But I really doubt it.  Anyway.  All that good will?  Right out the window.  Because, drumroll to lighten the mood right before I drop it like dubstep...

Mohels are sucking baby dick blood.  I am not making this up.  This sometimes winds up with the baby boy getting motherfucking herpes, before he even knows what a sex act is.

I was like, "There's no way this can be true.  I have heard of blood libel, and this sounds like that in fancy dress!"  But I googled "metzitzah b'peh" (incognito, of course, because I don't want this fucking up my browser history), and sure enough, it's a real thing.  What's worse, three rabbis are suing New York City ("are suing" because this was written October freakin' twelfth of this year) because they think - steel yourself for this one, you might hurl - "a new NY City rule requiring parental consent for metzitzah b'peh... violates the First Amendment."

"Hey, fuckers," they're saying, "If we have to get parental consent to suck baby dick blood, they're not gonna want us to do it!  So then how are we supposed to suck baby dick blood?  This is important, dammit!"

Gah!  Just thinking about this gives me a serious case of the jibblies.  Eugh!  What the fuck, man?  What the fuck?!

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