Monday, November 26, 2012

Gah, grad school applications.

Working on that.  Next chapter, full chapter, I promise, will be on Friday the 30th.

I mean, I've been working on another grad school application.  I've been literally agonizing over every single data point.  Well, I mean, not the ones that are obviously unambiguous.  But every word on the stuff I have to write?  Yeah.  It's crazy.  So yeah.  Friday, I'll have another chapter up.  Between then and now, I have to close tomorrow, then open the next day, then open the next, and then I'm off Friday.  So I'll have a chapter on Friday.

Fuck slipping and all that shit.  I have a career move to negotiate.  The blog takes a back seat.  But then I'm off Friday, so fine:  chapter then.  Until then?  ...hoooollld muuusiiiiic...

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