Monday, January 14, 2013

Tooth and Claw: Maintenance!

I spent the weekend ironing out the timeline in Tooth and Claw, which I thought would be easy but was complicated by noob mistakes.  Like, y'know, having Virgil watch Bad Ass with his friends on Friday night, then having Keira call DHS from work the next day.  Rock star accountants don't work Saturdays.  Oh, and I also gave no indication of the ten-day time jump between then and Della's confrontation with Ferraille, to stick to examples from the same chapter.

Gosh, it's almost like I'm making this up as I go, or something...

Anyway, most of it was pretty minor, though I couldn't resist amending the occasional infelicity.  But chapter eight seven (yes, I failed at counting - no, I can't change the URL now) wound up with significant differences at the end, so I edited it to include the changes.  And since I also moved around the end of chapter six, I'm fixing that, too.  The rest is staying as-is, because that's what first drafts are for - what's on here needs to make sense, but it's still very much a first draft.  I did, however, add links to every section (to the prologue, what came last, and what comes next), since navigation is otherwise a hopeless endeavor on this tangled knot of words.  There are also some weird formatting issues on Blogger's end - pasting the last paragraph in a totally different font (and then not letting me change it, grr!), adding a superfluous carriage return at the start of the entry (but only after I post, so I have to immediately go and edit it, grr!), and inconsistent jump spacing (so I have to trial-and-error it every time, grr!).  But I'm not sure how to fix those, and it's nothing to do with the book per se, just "how the first draft shows up on the internet," which is unimportant enough to let it slide (but relevant enough to make me go grr again).

Also, I think I probably need Scrivener.  My pile of notes is getting steadily messier (one page is dedicated just to tracking the time loops I'm gonna have, and holy shit, if I ever lose that sheet of paper...), and stained from its double duty as a coaster.  On the plus side, it's starting to get that sketchy supernatural conspiracy vibe, so maybe that's not such a bad thing, after all.


Zach L said...

As a user of Scrivener I can say, just being able to drag-drop sections of content inside of a chapter folder is worth the price of admission alone.

website said...

So happy to learn it as a dental student. It helps a lot.