Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So I didn't hear anything from the NaNoWriMo people about what I got for winning this year. But then Rhodopsin picked up Borderlands (which is a sweet game, despite the fact that it's side-by-side split screen and Modern Warfare 2 controls - and you can't fucking change either of those things! Dammit!), and Silver Garou & I have been working on getting the achievements to unlock the ODST armor for our internet avatars (because unlocking sweet gear for your internet persona by playing games is like the best marketing gimmick EVAR). What does this mean? It means that D becomes very lazy. I managed to write enough to cover the Riley Williams segment just in case I wound up wanting to remove it, but other than that, I haven't worked on The Quantum Mechanic since the 30th.

But then I got an e-mail at like 9 pm last night stating that we winners do get a free proof copy, and since I want to get this ready in time for Christmas shipping, everything else is on hold until I've got that all ready. Just so y'all know.

By the way, "in time for Christmas shipping" means Friday. Like, this Friday. So I'ma get crackin'!


Zach L said...

you get a free proof book from createspace, same as last year.

log in, then go to http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/wordcount/youwon/goodies for the icons. There's some text there that tells you to go to the "I won, so now what" page, which is here: http://www.nanowrimo.org/nowwhat -- and your code for create space is embedded in there (so long as you're logged in), and expires July 1st.

in addition, you get 50% off scrivener if you've got a mac, and the code for that is there as well.

D said...

I most certainly did not get a free proof last year! Well, I got the offer last year, but it was for the year before, because they didn't get the deal sorted out until October. But yeah, I've got it all figured out now. Thanks!